Bottom roller bearing







NTN bottom roller bearings:

Nominal bearing number

Nominal bearing number comprises type code,

dimension code [shaft dia. (d or Fw)] and tail code.

Table 1 Bearing fits

These bottom roller bearings for textile machinery are grease-prefilled needle roller bearings intended to support thebottom rollers (fluted rollers) of a fine spinning machine, a roving frame or a drawing frame. Type FRIS is applied to a fine spinning machine and a roving frame, and Type FR applied to a drawing frame.


Types and construction

Bottom roller bearing FRIS is used to support the bottom rollers of a fine spinning machine and a roving frame. The outer ring outer profile of this bearing type is spherical, which can allow, to some extent, mounting error in the bottom rollers. On the other hand, the inner ring is provided with a rib at its both ends and a clearance between the outer ring and each inner ring rib is minimized. Furthermore, the rib outer surface is knurled to prevent invasion of cotton pieces into the bearing.These bottom roller bearings are classified into internationally interchangeable A-series bearings with bearingfixing saddle (to fix a bearing to a support stand) and B-series bearings adaptable to the dimensions of JIS Fluted Rollers.A-series bearings are further classified into one bearing type (bearing number + tail code SA) wherein inner ring and outer ring are separable from one another according to saddle type and another bearing type (bearing number + tail code SB) wherein inner ring and outer ring are non-separable. Of course, these bearings can also be supplied without saddle.

On the other hand, B-series bearings are further classified into bearing type with grease nipple (bearing number + tail codeN) , bearing type with knock pin on its outer ring (bearing number + tail code P) and bearing type with knock hole on its outer ring (bearing number + W) (latter two types---classified 
by the fixing method

These bearings can be supplied with saddle thereon on request, similarly to A-series. Type FR is used to support the rollers of a drawing frame. This bearing type is composed of two drawn cup type needle roller bearings which are configured in a

housing. These have no inner ring and use a shaft as the direct raceway surface. Synthetic rubber seal is fitted in the both ends of the housing. This bearing type is fixed to a support stand with knock pins press-fitted in the housing. The knock pin is provided with an grease hole to enable grease replenishing.

Nominal bearing number

Nominal bearing number comprises type code, dimension code [shaft dia. (d or Fw)] and tail code.











Tensioner pulleys for textile machinery

These pulleys are used to guide and tension the tapes and belts driving the spindles of a fine spinning machine, a roving frame, a false twister, etc. A pulley drawn precisely from steel plate by precision deep drawing is press-fitted in the outer ring of shaft bearing in in place of inner ring.

Types and construction

Single-row or double-row ball bearing is built in this pulley, which is internally prefilled with lithium soap base grease. Grease is replenished through a grease hole which is internally provided in the stud. Two different mounting methods are available as follows for these pulleys; one method is to bolt a pulley to the roller carrier of machine with holder bolt using a special-purposed holder (Type code: JF􀊝S) and another method is to bolt directly a pulley to machine frame using the bolting hole drilled in the stud and a corresponding hexagon head bolt. A knock pin press-fitted in the stud end face is tolock the bolt after tightened. When a pulley is directly bolted to machine frame, provide the hexagon head bolt center with a grease through-hole for grease replenishing and screw a grease nipple in its end face. In mounting a double-row ball bearing type tension pulley, insert the stud directly into machine frame and tighten it with nut, without using the special-purposed holder. Replenish grease using the box nut.


Tensioner pulleys






Textile machine bottom roller bearing:


Model No D(mm) d(mm) B(mm) C(mm) Weight(KG)
LZ2800 28 16.5 19 22 0.06
LZ2822 28 16.5 19 22 0.06
LZ2822E 28 16.5 19 23 0.061
LZ3200 32 19 20 23 0.082
LZ3224 32 19 20 23 0.082
LZ3224E 32 19 20 24 0.082
LZ3226 32 19 20 23 0.082
LZ3600 36 21 22 25 0.119
LZ3624 36 21 22 25 0.119
LZ3626 36 21 22 25 0.119
LZ4000 40 23 23.5 27 0.16
LZ4024 40 23 23.5 27 0.16
LZ16.5 30 16.5 19 23 0.17
LZ19 36 19 22 26 0.116
LZ22 42 22 23 27 0.16
LZ25 47 25 25 29 0.218

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