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This page is used for trading company who want to be our partner to supply NSK bearings.

We installed in our Server below software to serve you:

    1. NSK Technical assistance: to check bearing dimensions, specification, full data:  Click here.

    2. NSK stock: click here

You can type bearing No. you want to check stock quantity, this software will recommend correct NKS's  P/N. You can  choose one of recommended P/N then click Search. The result will show our stock quantity.

This data is based on our local stock data and area stock data. If items are available in local, delivery will be made within 01week for local customer. If it is not available in local, time to import: 2-4 weeks ( we often have 2 cargo/month).

3. NSK price list:

Pls. contact us:  lehiep@nsk.com.vn

We will provide you link and password to access our server and detail guide. See Demo software.

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